Kalma and Dua App for Kids

In this internet era, everything has become online from shopping to the payment of utility bills and being a Muslim it is the duty of every Muslim to preach Islam as much as he can and nowadays it has become very easy because of the social media, Islamic applications and services. So we should also utilize the digital services and also, facilitate our Muslim brothers and sisters with new Islamic services and apps which will keep them aware with Sharia rulings. With the noble intention of propagating Islam a new educational application for kids has been launched with the name of Kalma and Dua app which is based on six Kalimas, Islamic Dua for kids and Sunnah and manners. All these are essential for the upbringing of any child as Kalma will make his faith strong, Dua will bring him the blessings of Allah and Sunnah and manners will make him a more sensible and good character human being.

Moreover, to grow the interest of kids the application has beautiful animations and the user interface has been designed with bright colors. Being a Muslim, it is our duty to teach our children the basic education of Islam which is Kalma that will enhance their faith and make them firm on the oneness of ALLAH, devotion to the Holy Prophet and to act upon the teachings of Holy Quran from an early age. Moreover, you can also teach your child various Islamic Dua which will make their habit to recite Dua ahead of any permissible work that will bring the blessings of Allah and with this kids app your child will also learn the Sunnah and Manners and act upon them in their daily life routine.

Now let’s talk about some of the prominent features of this educational app you can read any Kalima or Dua full or word by word according to your convenience and with reciting you can also read translation of Kalma and Dua in two languages English and Urdu. There is also a complete Parent’s guide in the app which will let parents know that which Dua or Kalima they should teach their children according to the child age. Users can use this wonderful app in Urdu and English languages and can also adjust the font size according to their need. It is a very remarkable app to educate kids the teachings of Islam from their childhood. So download the app today from Google Play store and encourage your dear ones and other Islamic brothers to use this best app for kids and start teaching kids the basic teachings of Quran and Sunnah.

We warmly welcome your suggestions and feedback at support@dawateislami.net.

Basic Information about Islam Religion

As like to build a strong building we need strong base and pillars, in the same way Islam is based on strong base and pillars. Therefore a good Muslim should not ignore the basic building points of Islam and should try his best to accomplish those.

According to Hazrat Abdullah Bin Umar Razi Allah Tala Anhu; Prophet Muhammad SAW said:

Islam is built upon five:
To worship Allah and to disbelieve in what is worshiped besides him, to establish prayer, to give charity, to perform Hajj pilgrimage to the house, and to fast the month of Ramadan,” (al-Bukhari, Muslim)

Islam is the religion founded by Hazrat Muhammad SAW the Last Messenger of Allah. It means that we have to worship one and only Allah and to believe in the oneness of Allah. The believing in oneness of Allah suppressed us to ask everything that we need from the one and only Allah as Allah SWT is the only sustainer. Allah SWT tells us how to live a successful life by sending His Prophet Muhammad so, that we can look into the life of Hazrat Muhammad and try to spend our life like Him.

Our prophet always taught us the right way to live a successful life. He is the man of truth, people trusted Him and that is why He has won the title of Saadiq O Ameen. If we always tries to speak truth we can serve our nation in better way. Although sometimes speaking truth can becomes very difficult to say but Allah SWT always help the person who regret themselves in telling lie. Due to His exemplary behavior and manners people who lived in squalor loved him dearly.

Our Prophet always helped people, He never judge people by means of their color and cast. He treated everyone same, that what He taught us to be same for everyone, we should help those who are in need. We should not treat people who are deprived.

One of the best and unique habit of Our Prophet is He always used to forgive people. He never ever hurt anyone. Even the animals and other creatures used to share their problems with Him. He is the soulmate of all. There are a lot of stories which tells about the forgiving nature of our beloved Prophet SAW. We should also adopt this forgiving nature of our Prophet Muhammad so that we can live with peace and love. Islam is a religion of love. It always promotes love and no war. We should try to be kind and nice to our friends, family, and relatives.

Prophet Muhammad SAW is the only man in the history of mankind whose life is like an open book for everyone. He lives a successful life. His life showed every chapter of a good living. We can go through about how He spends His life in order to achieve blessings of Allah here and thereafter.

There are various methods to read about Islam and to know about the Islamic knowledge but one of the great and easy methods to achieve the Islamic knowledge is internet. There are several authentic Islamic organizations that has been working day and night to spread the knowledge of Islam by means of internet. Now days it becomes very easy for every Muslim to find out the correct way to solve their living problems according to the sayings of Allah SWT and His Prophet by means of internet.

The reason of darkness, pessimism and depravity in Ummah is that we have abandoned the teachings of Islam. We should revive the teachings of Islam and make them indulge into our kids to make this world a better place for living.

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